Xotix BB Preamp

Not Another Marshall-In-A-Box BB? Must be a bluesbreaker pedal clone. Maybe a JTM45 in a box? Xotic doesn’t clearly say anywhere what the inspiration for this pedal came from. I’ve owned the pedal for years and I still couldn’t tell you exactly what it’s supposed to be, but I can tell you with confidence this […]

What is a Fret Dress, and does my guitar need one?

In this article I hope to explain the basics of what a fret dress is, the work that goes into completing a good fret dress, and why you may want an experienced guitar technician to perform one on your guitar. To start, ask yourself a few questions about your guitar: Is your guitar starting to […]

The Fullness of Fulltone Pedals

Fulltone was founded in 1991 by Michael Fuller, a session guitarist, composer and ‘electronic tinkerer’; he started manufacturing pedals out of a frustration with the inconsistencies of older designs, and wanted to bring something familiar, yet, inherently reliable to the marketplace. Something a guitarist could plug into and use with zero issues. I can attest […]

Suhr Custom Guitars

For all intents and purposes, every John Suhr instrument is a ‘custom’ instrument. Within the ethos of a meticulous build quality, however, on each guitar, there are tops that are truly gorgeous.  Myrtlewood, buckeye burl maple, roasted swamp ash, figured koa, waterfall burl maple, and black limba are part of this collection.  N Stuff Music has 10 of […]

K-Line Truxton Traditional Guitars

Last week, we received two ‘Tele’ type guitars, called the Truxton, from K-Line Guitars, and 2 ‘Strat’ type instruments, called the Springfield. TRUXTON In all honesty, outside of a custom made guitar from our luthier Mike Caldwell, these literally blow the doors off any other Tele I’ve played. The first one has a rosewood board […]

The Gibson SG

What do Derek Trucks, Duane Allman, Robben Ford, Michael Landau, Pete Townsend, Robbie Kreiger, Gary Rossington, Nancy Wilson, Eric Clapton, Angus Young and George Harrison have in common? Besides being incredible guitarists, they play or played a Gibson SG. It came into being with Les Paul, the father (besides Leo Fender) of the electric guitar. […]

Mr. Smith Visits N Stuff Music – PRS Guitars

Around 2 years past, Mr. Paul Reed Smith spent a day with the staff of N Stuff Music. Along with his long-time right hand man Michael Deely, it was an incredible experience to have him in the store. At that time, PRS Guitars had just released their S2 line of instruments, meant to sit comfortably […]

John Suhr Guitars, Amps and Pedals

John Suhr Technologies is based in Lake Elsinore CA and has been producing guitars, amps, pedals and basses since 1997.  He has built guitars/basses for Mark Knopfler, Lou Reed, Reb Beach, Steve Stevens, Victor Bailey, Marcus Miller, Peter Frampton, among others. John has a long history, working for Pensa Suhr Guitars in NYC, partnering with […]

Gibson VOS 1963 ES-335 TD

I like the look and feel of a broken-in guitar. The Japanese call this broken-in-ness Wabi Sabi. Objects that reduce the emotional distance. Things that feel true, right, natural. A graceful ageing, a patina. An object that is present and has presence, yet doesn’t really call attention to itself. Gibson Guitars has a series called […]