Martin Custom 000-14 Guatemalan

Every once in a while, a truly spectacular guitar is made; one that defies the logic of even really great instruments. The Martin Custom 000-14 Guatemalan is one such instrument. Jason Sarra, one of the principals at N Stuff Music, personally hand-picked the woods for this Martin. The top is high-altitude Swiss Spruce, the back […]

What is a Fret Dress, and does my guitar need one?

In this article I hope to explain the basics of what a fret dress is, the work that goes into completing a good fret dress, and why you may want an experienced guitar technician to perform one on your guitar. To start, ask yourself a few questions about your guitar: Is your guitar starting to […]

Mr. Smith Visits N Stuff Music – PRS Guitars

Around 2 years past, Mr. Paul Reed Smith spent a day with the staff of N Stuff Music. Along with his long-time right hand man Michael Deely, it was an incredible experience to have him in the store. At that time, PRS Guitars had just released their S2 line of instruments, meant to sit comfortably […]

Cracked Bridge Repair

Our team of luthiers here at N Stuff Music are experts at taking care of any instrument problem that may come across their bench. In this article Chad Gerbe, one of our highly skilled guitar techs, talks about how we went about repairing a cracked acoustic guitar bridge that came in recently: CG: We see […]