Gretsch Binding Repair

The professional luthiers in the Guitar Service Department here at N Stuff Music are experts at addressing the needs of every instrument that comes through our door, whether its that exquisite vintage guitar tucked away in the attic, the beginner musician’s first six string, or the weekend warrior’s reliable money maker. Authenticity and quality are […]

What is a Fret Dress, and does my guitar need one?

In this article I hope to explain the basics of what a fret dress is, the work that goes into completing a good fret dress, and why you may want an experienced guitar technician to perform one on your guitar. To start, ask yourself a few questions about your guitar: Is your guitar starting to […]

Tenor Banjo Restoration

In the Guitar Service Department at N Stuff Music, we don’t just work on guitars!   CG: had a lot of fun with this one. This tenor banjo, an old timer from the turn of the last century, came in for a complete restoration. Some of the peghead veneer had fallen off and the mother-of-pearl […]

Archtop Bridge Fitting

The luthiers at N Stuff Music have the expertise to get every guitar playing and sounding its absolute best. Chad explains this repair: CG: Archtop guitars sound their best when the bottom of the bridge is fit close and tight to the curvature of the top. In this picture I’m using a jig to align […]

Cracked Bridge Repair

Our team of luthiers here at N Stuff Music are experts at taking care of any instrument problem that may come across their bench. In this article Chad Gerbe, one of our highly skilled guitar techs, talks about how we went about repairing a cracked acoustic guitar bridge that came in recently: CG: We see […]