The Fullness of Fulltone Pedals

Fulltone was founded in 1991 by Michael Fuller, a session guitarist, composer and ‘electronic tinkerer’; he started manufacturing pedals out of a frustration with the inconsistencies of older designs, and wanted to bring something familiar, yet, inherently reliable to the marketplace. Something a guitarist could plug into and use with zero issues. I can attest personally to this. I’ve had a FULLDRIVE 2 MOSFET on my pedalboard since 2008, and it has worked flawlessly. I only recently semi-retired it, in favor of the FULLDRIVE 3. But, I still love the 2. I also use an OCD, which in my opinion, is the absolute pinnacle of an overdrive pedal. I’ve used both of these with Fender and Vox amps; although there is some difference in their respective sounds, I really cannot say enough about them. I’ve also used pedals by other companies; what can I say? I teach at nstuffmusic, where we have 350 pedals in stock. But there is nothing like Fulltone for me.

All of his fine products are built by musicians, and carry a 5 year warranty. He even makes his own custom potentiometers.

Artists from Michael Landau, Scott Henderson, Pete Thorn, Robin Trower and Michael Thompson use his products. Mr Fuller made the RTO pedal specifically for Robin Trower, as a pedal that would work equally well with his Marshall and Fender amps, and a heavier string gauge.

So what is the difference? Really? Allow me to first make a disclaimer and say I mean no disrespect toward other companies. There are a plethora of boutique manufacturers in the marketplace that have quality offerings for everyone’s needs and tastes. For me, based on the experience of playing 3-4 gigs every week for years, the Fulltone line has always, and I mean, always, delivered. The headroom on the OCD, for example, is nothing short of astonishing. The new FD3 is 20% smaller than the FD2; it also has an independent clean boost that can be run pre or post overdrive. The clean boost alone, is worth the price of admission. It is a truly useable and amazing clean boost. And speaking of the price of admission, literally, the entire line is well within the reach of any guitarist.

I think one mark of success in any endeavor is longevity. As I said previously, he has been in business since 1991, and is, by all accounts, the original boutique pedal manufacturer. His quality has been 100% since day 1, and they only get better.

N Stuff Music has been an authorized Fulltone dealer for many years, and we are proud to carry his fine products.  For more info, just log onto or call 412.828.1003

-Mark Lucas

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