Tenor Banjo Restoration

In the Guitar Service Department at N Stuff Music, we don’t just work on guitars!


Tenor Banjo Restoration 1CG: had a lot of fun with this one. This tenor banjo, an old timer from the turn of the last century, came in for a complete restoration. Some of the peghead veneer had fallen off and the mother-of-pearl inlay had fallen out decades earlier. Here we are filling in the missing piece of veneer with black epoxy which will blend in well once its sanded flush.




Tenor Banjo Restoration 2After tracing the outline of the inlay, we transferred the image to a piece of mother of pearl which will be cut out using a fine-toothed jewelers saw. In this picture, the piece of mother-of-pearl has the outline of the inlay glued on and is sitting on the inlay-cutting base that I will use to support the piece while I cut it out.




Tenor Banjo Restoration 3With the pearl inlay installed and the epoxy fill sanded flush, this peghead looks better than it has in decades!





Tenor Banjo Restoration 4With a new banjo head installed and the peghead repaired, after installing new strings and setting her up, this banjo is ready to sing!

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