Suhr Custom Guitars

For all intents and purposes, every John Suhr instrument is a ‘custom’ instrument. Within the ethos of a meticulous build quality, however, on each guitar, there are tops that are truly gorgeous.  Myrtlewood, buckeye burl maple, roasted swamp ash, figured koa, waterfall burl maple, and black limba are part of this collection.  N Stuff Music has 10 of these ‘custom’ instruments in stock at present. All of them have stainless steel frets. I’d like to talk about that aspect as one part of this blog.

Imagine never having to do a fret dressing, leveling, or re-crowning. This is one of the advantages. Another is that they always feel like new frets. I have a Suhr Custom Antique Classic with jumbo stainless frets, have played it almost every day since I got it in July of 2012, and they are exactly the same as when the guitar was new. I use a fret polishing system from Planet Waves to take any excess dirt off of them, but once again, the frets are as new. Recently, I listened to an interview by Edward Van Halen; he was discussing his line of guitars. How he needed to road-test them before going on tour, and how he chose to use a stainless fret; and after playing one guitar for almost 3 months, there was virtually no wear on the frets. And he uses a small, vintage-size fretwire.

Striking in their appearance, singular in their aesthetic, these are tops that are one of a kind. This year, Suhr Guitars has produced a series called ‘The Collection’. These are guitars for the most discerning of client.

A computerized machine that analyzes the fretboard and frets to get each fret within a microscopic tolerance. Suhr guitars then does a final fret dressing to insure a perfect action and fret height.

Designed by John, these pickups use the most costly wire and magnets to match his exquisite guitars. He makes single coil and humbucking models.

All of this hardware is from Gotoh, Floyd Rose, Hipshot. The best of the best.

N Stuff Music is proud to be an authorized Suhr dealer. For more info, just log onto or call 412.828.1003

-Mark Lucas


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