Nut Slot Adjustment

When it comes to playability, the luthiers at N Stuff Music don’t mess around when it comes to precision.


Nut Slot Adjustment 1This handy little device measures the height of the string in the nut slot over the first fret, and it is accurate up to a thousandths of an inch.  Even the smallest of adjustments can have a big impact in the playing comfort of any guitar.




Nut Slot Adjustment 2Chad uses his specialty nut-slot files to lower the slot to make the string more comfortable for the player of this guitar.





Nut Slot Adjustment 3After bringing the slot of the G string on this guitar lower by a mere 10 thousandths of an inch, the string has a vastly more comfortable action and playability.





This is the level of dedication, precision, and specialized skill that goes into every setup of every guitar that comes on our bench. You can trust your guitar in the hands of our luthiers Chad Gerbe and Michael Caldwell.

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