Mr. Smith Visits N Stuff Music – PRS Guitars

Around 2 years past, Mr. Paul Reed Smith spent a day with the staff of N Stuff Music. Along with his long-time right hand man Michael Deely, it was an incredible experience to have him in the store. At that time, PRS Guitars had just released their S2 line of instruments, meant to sit comfortably (price-wise), between the SE line of imported guitars and their ‘core’ line of US made instruments. The S2 guitars are made in the US PRS plant, but have a different manufacturing process than the ‘core’ line. By all accounts, the S2 guitars have been marvelously successful.

Mr. Smith is a very engaging gentleman. Intelligent, present, supremely gifted at making one of the world’s greatest guitars, the PRS Custom 24, he possesses a rare quality of being accessible and having a vast amount of knowledge. We compared guitars from other companies to the PRS line for well over 2 hours. After all of this, he took us out to dinner. We were so grateful to have him with us that day.

Mr. Smith was first a repairman in the Baltimore/DC area before founding PRS Guitars.

-Mark lucas

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