K-Line Truxton Traditional Guitars

Last week, we received two ‘Tele’ type guitars, called the Truxton, from K-Line Guitars, and 2 ‘Strat’ type instruments, called the Springfield.

In all honesty, outside of a custom made guitar from our luthier Mike Caldwell, these literally blow the doors off any other Tele I’ve played. The first one has a rosewood board and an alder body; the second is a maple board and a swamp ash body.  Both have Lollar V pickups, a 10” radius, a very gently aged appearance, what one might call a ‘closet classic’. The differences between these 2 guitars are dramatic, though equally impressive in their own right.

An unusual combination of depth and brightness. When the tone control is all the way up, it is the sound of a classic 60’s Tele; when the control is gradually rolled off, a midrange depth emerges and an overall darkness permeates the guitar. This is the instrument for everything from classic Stax/Steve Cropper R and B, to blues, to fusion, to an extremely convincing ‘jazz’ guitar sound.

100% country twang!! Chicken-pickin’ heaven!! An overall brighter sounding instrument, with more of a scooped midrange, the low and high frequencies are pronounced, but not overdone in any way. This is a guitar that sits perfectly in a mix with either a horn section or a keyboard/horn combination.

We received two models, an Olympic white with a rosewood board, and a classic sunburst with a rosewood board. Both of these have a Wilkinson 6 point vintage tremolo, Lollar Dirty Blonde pickups, and a 10” radius. If you are looking for a classic 60’s Strat, look no further. This is the one instrument that can cover virtually any musical ground.

K-Line guitars feel like a good pair of broken-in jeans. The workmanship is first-rate, the hardware and pickups, the same. They are put together with an attention to detail that is astonishing. The fretwork and overall put-togetherness is second to none. I can’t say enough about Kris Kroenlein and his fine instruments. N Stuff Music is proud to be an authorized K Line dealer.

For more info, just log onto www.nstuffmusic.com or call 412.828.1003

-Mark Lucas



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