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K Line Guitars was founded by Chris Kroenlein, in St. Louis, Missouri. Each one of his guitars are meticulously hand-crafted by himself, with a wide variety of options available. All of the guitars are finished with nitro-cellulose lacquer, Lollar or Klein pickups and high quality hardware. He has drawn on his 20+ years of automotive painting to accurately re-create the vintage guitar finishes that so many players love. His guitars feel alive, resonant, and natural.
He has 4 models available, all of which can be custom built for a potential client.


The classic S style guitar, but with an improved neck pocket angle to allow for better intonation, break angle and trem operation. This is the one guitar that truly can do it all. We have had a number of these in the store over the past few years. I did a youtube video on a sunburst model and the best way for me to  describe it is as a 60’s style Strat that plays perfectly. It plays in tune, the trem is flawless(no small feat for a vintage 6 point trem); the Lollar strat pickups are remarkable; each one balances perfectly with the next; something very difficult to achieve. This one had a 10” radius also. As much as I can like a vintage radius(7.25”), they simply don’t work as well as a 9.5” or a 10” on this type of guitar.


The classic T style guitar—the one that started it all. The perfect guitar for country, blues, roots rock and everything else!! But with an improved neck pocket and the addition of a hip shot bridge; Chris went through many bridges before arriving at this one. I believe we are getting one in soon that has a neck humbucker; the ‘Keith Richards’ tele.


The ‘J’ style guitar, with an improved balance for weight and a neck angle very close to an LP which allows for the use of a TOM bridge that sets up perfectly. We have one at nstuffmusic in daphne blue, with 2 Jason Lollar P90’s. We had a local jazz guitarist come in and play it recently; he was amazed at everything he could get out of it. And this is coming from a guy who primarily plays an archtop. The manipulation of the tone controls on this particular model produces an extremely wide variety of sounds.


The mass of a J style body that produces a big tone with added bass and the twang of a T style. And with the Hipshot bridge, the sound is big and wide without having any of that annoying high-end spikiness.


Steve is a long-time employee at nstuffmusic who bought a K Line Springfield in 2011, before we became an authorized dealer. The consensus here was that it was a remarkable guitar. It was Chris’ version of the famous Clapton ‘Blackie’ with a reliced black body, maple neck and fretboard, and Lollar pickups. Shortly thereafter, nstuffmusic decided to become an authorized dealer, and we could not be happier. And Steve is the person responsible for K Line guitars being here. If there are any questions, he is the guy to talk to.

For anyone looking for a guitar with a vintage aesthetic combined with modern advancements and playability, look no further than a K Line.

For more info, just log onto www.nstuffmusic.com or call 412.828.1003

-Mark Lucas

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