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John Suhr Technologies is based in Lake Elsinore CA and has been producing guitars, amps, pedals and basses since 1997.  He has built guitars/basses for Mark Knopfler, Lou Reed, Reb Beach, Steve Stevens, Victor Bailey, Marcus Miller, Peter Frampton, among others.

John has a long history, working for Pensa Suhr Guitars in NYC, partnering with Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics, and being a master builder at the Fender Custom Shop.
I went with my employers to the factory in 2013, as part of the NAMM show. We were taken through many aspects of the manufacturing process for guitars, amps and pedals, all showing a meticulous attention to detail.

For example, wood selection. They have very tight tolerances for weight, grain pattern and moisture content. So much so that they reject a large percentage of wood, as it does not meet their stringent quality standards. It takes around 6—8 weeks to build a guitar; taking into account the proper drying of the wood, finish, pickups, hardware, set-up, etc.
I own two Suhrs. The first one I bought is a prototype of the ‘Antique Classic’, which is now in production. It has a swamp ash body, medium jumbo stainless steel frets, and a roasted maple neck and fretboard. The second one is a Modern Satin. Both of these are my ‘go to’ guitars for virtually any musical environment I find myself in. And like a fine orchestral instrument, they get better with age.

New for 2015 is the Classic Pro Series, in either an S or T style. They have medium stainless steel frets, Suhr pickups, Gotoh hardware, and the innovative SSCII noise reduction system. The SSCII essentially gets rid of the single coil pickup noise, while retaining all the qualities of a single coil. The Classic Pro has quickly become one of our best-selling instruments, marrying pro features at an attractive price point.

Suhr makes an overdrive, distortion, fuzz, a boost, compressor, trem, and a buffer pedal. I have used their Jackrabbit Trem pedal since it first came out, and have used nothing else since, in the way of trem pedals. It’s also a clean boost when the trem knobs are turned off.

John makes a variety of amps, from the low watt Corso all the way up to a hand-wired 100 watt Plexi-type head. He has also brought back the Jim Kelly line of amps, made famous by players such as Robben Ford, Bonnie Raitt, etc.

N Stuff Music is proud to be an authorized Suhr dealer. We have anywhere from 15-25 guitars in the store at any time, along with the complete pedal line. We have a range of his amps in stock, and can order anything a client would like.

For more info, just log onto or call 412.828.1003

-Mark Lucas

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