Fender ’68 Custom Amps

Released at NAMM  2014, The 68 Custom Series of amps  consist of the Princeton(12 watts), Deluxe(22 watts), Vibrolux(35 watts), and Twin(100 watts). The idea was to marry the hallowed vintage Silverface amps, in terms of tonality and looks, with more modern accoutrements for today’s players.

The Deluxe, Vibrolux, and Twin use a 12” Celestion V 70, which has a distinctive, classic rock ‘n’ roll tonality. The Princeton and the Vibrolux use a Celestion 10” V 30.

The Schumacher transformers were used on the original Silverface amps, and is brought back in this series. Along with hand-wired tube sockets for rugged reliability over time, a really road-worthy and rugged combination. Another great feature is that rectifier ‘sag’ is built into the power transformer for a complete vintage aesthetic with modern reliability.

On side 1, is a Custom channel, which is a modified Bassman tone stack. It breaks up a little quicker, is very warm and reminds me of the coveted Bassman sound. Side 2 is the Vintage channel, which is very much in line with the classic Deluxe, Vibrolux, Twin tonestacks, but with the addition of reduced negative feedback for greater touch sensitivity.

Both the reverb and vibrato(tremolo), are tube-driven, which, unlike a digital version, is very warm, round and classic-sounding. The reverb and vibrato are available on both channels; and both channels can be combined with a jumper cable for even more versatility.

These amps all come with a fitted cover and a 5 year warranty.

Fender hit a home run with this newest series of amps, bridging the gap between vintage/modern and has produced, in my opinion, a line of amps that can compete favorably with a number of ‘boutique’ designs.

I’ve used a lot of different amps over the course of my career, but I always come back to Fender. Maybe I should just stay there(ha!!!!!). All kidding aside, these are a great line of amps with more than enough features and power requirements to fit every kind of musical situation.
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-Mark Lucas

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