Cracked Acoustic Sides

The luthiers at N Stuff Music have the expertise and skill to bring any broken guitar back from the brink of destruction! No job is too big or two small for these professionals.


Cracked Acoustic Side 1After taking a nasty fall, this Martin dreadnought has a cracked side. If a crack appears on your guitar, do not waste any time and bring the guitar to the pros at N Stuff Music to have it beautifully repaired.





Cracked Acoustic Side 2Before performing the repair, our head luthier Michael Caldwell checks to see how well the two sides of the crack line up.





Cracked Acoustic Side 3He is pleased with the alignment and gives Chad the go-ahead to perform the repair.





Cracked Acoustic Side 4We use these ingenious spool clamps to get the crack to close nice and tight while making sure that the crack is perfectly aligned.





Cracked Acoustic Side 5Performing high quality, clean work is our top priority. To clean up the glue squeeze-out in the inside of this guitar after the break has been clamped up, Chad uses a wad of damp paper towel at the end of a pair of long curved hemostats. There is no shortage of specialty tools in our shop, just right for every possible repair!





Cracked Acoustic Side 6After the glue has dried, we clean up the area and perform some finish touchup and voila! A perfectly repaired side crack that is virtually indistinguishable from a brand new guitar.

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