Behringer XTouch Series Controllers

Behringer X-Touch Series Controller

So, if you read this blog and are a DAW user, my question to you is…WHY ARE YOU MIXING WITH A MOUSE? You’ve got 8 fingers and two thumbs, so start using them! N Stuff stocks some great controllers that are a breeze to set up. Pretty much all of the DAWs out there support the Mackie Control Protocol, so you don’t have to be a MIDI genius to get one going and speed up your workflow.

Behringer’s XTouch and XTouch Compact, offer two cost effective solutions to your carpal tunnel syndrome. The XTouch is half the cost or more than some of the controllers out there and yet offers the same capability, OR MORE! With HUI or Mackie Control, the XTouch is your prime candidate for hands on control of your DAW projects. Although limited to Mackie Control only (so you’re not a Pro Tools user anyway), the XTouch Compact still offers enough control that you’ll only use your mouse for editing. So check them out at and see why, as Will Smith said, “I need to get me one of these!”

-Huey Haynes